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Which package is best for you?

Presto Car Wash offers several car wash packages so that you can
decide which best fits your needs!

Which package is best for you?


$39.99mo.Wash Club
Includes Everything Plus


$29.99mo.Wash Club
Includes Silver Plus


$24.99mo.Wash Club
Includes Bronze Plus


$19.99mo.Wash Club

Package details

Aqua shield icon

Ceramic Shield

Presto Car Wash’s premier 3 step process gives your vehicle the ultimate protection from the elements, provides a longer-lasting shine, and ensures a drier vehicle surface. Incredible UV protection will shield the vehicle from damaging UV light and keep your vehicle finish looking brand new.

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Aqua Shield

This 3 step process will give your vehicle a noticeable difference. The first step is the clean, in this process the product breaks the bond of the contaminants to your vehicle so that all of the grime is washed off your vehicle. The Shine that is applied next will coat all of the surfaces of your vehicle so that the road grime is completely removed from your vehicle. The final step will lock out the dirt and protect the surfaces of your vehicle while providing an unbelievable clean shine.

360 Wax and Shine icon

Hot Wax

Carnauba-based Hot Wax protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays, provides water repellency, and gives it that showroom shine.

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Rain Repellent

Water beading technology  makes it safer to drive in the rain and keeps your car cleaner after the rain.

bug prep icon

Bug Prep

Dead bugs are removed from the vehicle so that your paint does not get damaged.

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Tire Shine

Provides a vibrant shine to keep your tires protected and looking like new.


Wheel Cleaner

Dissolves road debris, grease, and brake dust from your wheels to give them that extra shine.

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Triple Foam

The tricolor foam is used to condition your vehicle’s paint.

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Dry N' Shine

Our automatic buffer will hug your car and give it that extra wow factor as you leave our tunnel.

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